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  • Bonnie Ho

Well Done!

You're a Partner in the Vision and the Ministry of Pui Tak Christian School! With your generous support, we made it to the finish line of our 12-hour broadcast via Facebook on Giving Tuesday! We could not have pulled it off without YOU! You have dared to dream big with us! We’ll have good news to share soon! Once we receive the donation report from Facebook we will release fundraising totals for Giving Tuesday!


謝謝你在異象和事工上與培德基督教學校結為夥伴! 藉着你無私及慷慨的支援,我們才得以完成長達12小時的馬拉松籌款活動! 倘若沒有你的支持,我們是不可能完成此任務。謝謝你勇於與我們一起築夢。 一旦我們收到來自「臉書」的捐贈報告,我們便會公布本年「慈善星期二」的捐贈總額。期待很快便能與你分享好消息。謝謝你!

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