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Welcome to PTCS

Pui Tak Christian School's mission is to equip young learners academically

and spiritually to be future leaders for God's Kingdom.


Our vision is to see children rise to their potential and

succeed in all spheres of life with joy and strength of character. 

Our Distinctives

Joy of Learning

  1. Low student-to-teacher ratio

  2. A comprehensive curriculum for curious learners

  3. Whole-child approach to education

Creating Future Leaders

  1. Confident scholars with academic, social, emotional, and spiritual aptitude 

  2. Care for the world and those around them

  3. Disciplined work ethic and respect for others

Providing a
Global Environment

  1. A Christian worldview in an urban environment

  2. Inter-cultural experiences

  3. Course requirement in Mandarin Chinese 

Serving the Underserved

  1. Commitment to inexpensive tuition

  2. Providing quality education to the community 

PTCS Building
PTCS Founder Mrs. Helen Case
PTCS Building

Since 1953, Pui Tak Christian School has formed better lives for thousands of children and their families. Generation after generation continues to champion the school, which was originally founded by the Chinese Christian Union Church (CCUC) in Chicago’s Chinatown.




Pui Tak began as the church’s nursery school, preparing young Chinese immigrants for kindergarten. Over the last 70 years, the nursery school has evolved and become a thriving school for preschool and elementary students. The local Chinese community has long supported the academic pursuits of our aspiring scholars and continues to contribute graciously to Pui Tak’s growth.

Our History

Principa's letter

A Letter from 
Principal Bonnie Ho


At Pui Tak Christian School our academic goal is to see 100 percent of our classes meet and exceed the national school norm. In fact, more than 80 percent of our classes achieved the national high average, with many classes reaching the 98–99th percentile of the national school norm—indicating that the majority of our students are at least one-half to two years ahead.

Although we are so proud of our students’ academic achievements as educators, we also believe that education must go beyond test scores. Historically, assessment practices often separate “successful” learners from “unsuccessful” learners. Unfortunately, test scores alone are not sufficient motivation for all students to learn. The practice may even be counterproductive to students with very low scores because they doubt their own capabilities and believe that failure is inevitable.

If a school is to be effective, academic assessments must be used to support and verify learning. However, PTCS believes that to support ALL students, a different measuring tape must also be employed, and that is our God-given perspective on His creation: the children whom parents have entrusted to us. The key to ensuring that each child is actively engaged often hinges on what we see in him or her and how well we appreciate each child’s God-given potential. There is one student, whom I will call “John,” who is always talkative and often wreaks havoc in the school. Because he often talks back and out of turn, some would see him as a troublesome, disruptive, and rebellious student. After spending time with John, I noticed that he is a person who seeks the truth and has a strong desire to help others understand the truth. I see a jewel inside of John. I see a future preacher in him. And, it is up to the teachers and parents to help John learn discipline in self-expression. I am often told that what sets our teachers apart is how they see beyond a child’s outward misbehaviors and catch a glimpse of his or her unique potential. We also see this reflected in how Jesus views people such as Simon. When Jesus first met Simon, He gave him a new name: Cephas, the Aramaic equivalent of Petros (Peter), which means “rock.” If there was anything Peter was not, it was a rock. A rock is a symbol of firmness and steadiness of character, but Peter was impulsive, hotheaded, and inconsistent. We see a Simon, but God sees a Peter, a great apostle. In the same way, we ask God to help us see each child with His eyes so that we seek not to see students just for what they are now, but for what they can become. It is our desire to partner with parents in the education, growth, and development of the young people who attend PTCS. We have very exciting days ahead at PTCS. I am looking forward to guiding, coaching, and seeing your child reach his or her full, God-given potential. In His Service, Mrs. Bonnie Ho Principal

Voice of Parents: Jori Jennings
Voice of Parents: Ana Juan Bustos

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