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Phase II

Coming Soon!

An Overview

Begun as a Preschool in 1953 and expanded to 8th grades in 2016, Pui Tak Christian School has developed academically prepared Christian disciples to live out the message of restoration and renewal in a world seeking for hope.

Pui Tak has built on the powerful legacy of staff committed to Christ, seeing generations of students uniquely prepared to affect the world, bringing restoration in the community and beyond.

But we are now at an important stage in Pui Tak’s history. We must move forward in dynamic ways or risk a slow decline to a point of elimination. We need to improve and expand facilities to keep pace. We need to strengthen our vision for Christian education to address a changing world.

Our New Facility

Current facilities' restrictions:


Out of 12 classrooms...

5 multi-usage classrooms

that require folding up every Friday

1 half-day classroom in gym that

require daily set up and tear down

4 classrooms with inadequate bathroom access

Classrooms at capacity

Located on busy main street with traffic hassle for pick up/drop off

2 lots between preschool and elementary buildings for a playground & outdoor education.

Just 1.2 miles away from our current facility, in Bridgeport, where most our students reside.

The new campus is:

A large parking lot for parents, staff, visitors, events and school buses for field trips. 

Phase 3 plans to build a new gymnasium & auditorium.

How can I get involved?

Pray for us that God  would bring the right donors to us.

Join our cloud of witnesses and give financially to Project Nehemiah!

Refer to us friends who may be interested in investing in urban Christian education.

*Icons of buildings are not real drawings or rendering of the new site or representative of any building structure.

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