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Come! Let us build for the glory of the Lord!

Proposal Summary 

Purpose Statement

Currently Pui Tak Christian School is operating under a church facility. Project Nehemiah is proposing a campus of its own. This campus would double the size of the preschool department and expand the facility of our elementary and middle school departments.  It will be a campus that is safe and secure, a place where we can nurture students academically and spiritually to become agents of renewal for the broken world. 

"Come! Let us build for the glory of the Lord!"


Founded as a Preschool in 1953 and expanded to K-8th grade after 2001, Pui Tak Christian School has developed academically prepared Christian disciples to live out the message of restoration and renewal in a world looking for signs of hope. Pui Tak has built on the powerful legacy of its staff committed to Christ, seeing generations of students uniquely prepared to affect the world, bringing restoration in the community and beyond.


Pui Tak is at an important stage in its history. We must move forward in dynamic ways or risk a slow decline to a point of elimination. We must improve and expand facilities to keep pace. It is essential for us to cast our vision for urban Christian education to address a changing world. 

Case Statement

The Problem of the Current School Facility 

•    Facility has reached its full potential

•    Restricted classroom capacity

•    Multi-usage spaces

•    Mobile temporary classrooms

•    Inadequate bathroom access

•    Two separate locations

•    Inappropriate classroom logistics

The Potential of the New School Facility 

•    The new facility would enable Pui Tak Christian School to be a greater part of the solution to the shortage of quality preschool programs in the community.

•    An expanded school can have an eternal influence, as it would allow more students and families to be reached with the Good News of the Gospel.

•    Nurture many more agents of God influencing the world around them for the glory of God.

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