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Dear friends of PTCS,


It is with tremendous joy that I am able to announce the long awaited dream we have been preparing for since 2012.   After years of preparation and property searching, God has led us to a location perfectly suited to be the future home of Pui Tak Christian School (PTCS).


Project Nehemiah, PTCS’s expansion, has accelerated! We have bought the site and looking forward to future construction!


I thank those who have continued to pray and support the school during this process. God is moving mountains, as evident by His leading to this particular property and the willingness of the seller to accept PTCS’s offer over the higher bid submitted from a developer.


An investment in PTCS is not only an investment in academic excellence but also an investment in the spiritual formation of future generations. Every day we are molding Christian disciples who will someday grow up to be world changers. A six year-old student acclaims, "PTCS is such a good school, we celebrate in school because God is with us!"


You have the exciting opportunity to be involved in God’s mission work in Chicago’s Chinatown and surrounding neighborhoods by coming alongside us in this important work during Phase 2 of our fundraising.


In order for us to construct our new school, we need to raise an additional $30 million. Although the amount seems daunting, we have already received close to $3 million in donations before our formal fundraising has even begun. Included with this letter you will find a brief summary of Project Nehemiah and further explanation of the necessity of our expansion. If you would like to read the full proposal, please contact me and I would be happy to provide you with a copy.


We look forward in the coming months as we witness how God will bring people together to build the future home of Pui Tak Christian School.  Thank you for the role you play in this momentous journey by giving a leadership or legacy gift to Project Nehemiah.


In His Grace,

Principal Bonnie Ho

Give Online

You can give online via Paypal by pushing the button below! 

Give via Check

You can donate via check to PTCS. Please make checks out to "Pui Tak Christian School". These can be delivered to the office or mailed to PTCS.

Give Cash

You can give cash gifts to the ministry in the main office during weekdays from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please do not mail cash gifts. PTCS cannot account for gifts lost in the mail.

Stocks or Bonds

Please contact PTCS about giving stocks or bonds, and our financial team will be happy to help you! Email or call 312-842-8546 for assistance. 

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Proposal Summary

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