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It is Your Turn!

Dear Friend, Because of you and others in our support network, Project Nehemiah Phase I is well underway! We are nearing the close of this chapter and groundwork for Phase II has begun. With larger than ever goals in Phase II, we need our support network to multiply! You can help us! We are searching for passionate candidates to join the School Expansion Committee and Leadership Council that will be the hands and feet to champion our cause. Do you know talented professionals who yearn to grow God’s Kingdom and transform the city of Chicago through education equity? Are you someone who has unique skills and want to see families changed through educational outreach? Come join our team of committed, visionary individuals who are making eternal investment in God’s kingdom ministry. Please complete this survey to get started: As always, Thank You. Your continued support and encouragement are one way we confirm God’s power and presence from week to week. In His Service, Bonnie Ho and Rosalind Yang


親愛的朋友, 由於您和我們人脈網絡中其他人的鼎力支持,尼希米計劃第一階段正在順利推進並接近這一階段的終點。第二階段,亦即是最後階段的基礎工作已經展開。第二階段有著比以往任何時候都遠大的目標。為此,我們需要成倍擴增的支持網絡!這是您可以幫助我們的好機會!我們正在尋找有熱情的候選人加入學校擴建委員會和領導委員會——這些團隊是我們工作的基石。 您是否認識有才華的專業人士, 渴望榮耀神的國,並想通過教育公平來改變芝加哥這座城市?您是否擁有獨特的恩賜與才能,並希望神能用以影響生命?請您加入我們的團隊,和有委身,有遠見,並且對神國事工有負擔的隊工一同事奉神。請在此完成調查,即可開始: 一如既往,謝謝您。您的持續支持與鼓勵是我們每週見證神的能力與同在的憑據。 永沐主恩, 何述珍 楊珮琳

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