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We Made It!

Dear friend,

A blessed Easter to you and your families! And a praise report to you on project Nehemiah!

With God’s provision, your support and prayers, on April 18, 2019, Pui Tak Christian School have closed on the property located on 3118-3140 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60616 with the purchasing price of $3.53 million!

We were able to close on the deal with over $2.4 million in donations, $300,000 bank loan and $850,000 in personal and organizational loans. The plan is to pay back the loans as quickly as possible before entering into the final phase of Project Nehemiah. In witnessing how God worked among people and gathered the resources together in the last 14 months,we have reasons to believe He is still at work. The $100,000 matching challenge I presented to you on 4/13 has not been matched yet, the two challengers have graciously extended the deadline to 5/31. The important thing is we have secured the property, so let’s keep the marathon going and take hold of the matching opportunity!

The school has budgeted 24 months from the closing of the property to prepare for the final phase of Project Nehemiah, that includes obtaining all the necessary permits, finishing architectural design and drawings, and fundraising for the construction of the school facility.

There is much to be thankful for during this Easter season, I thank you for your partnership in this endeavor, God has blessed the school through you.

Besides counting on your steadfast prayers, I also need your ideas and referrals. There are much to be done before the actual construction begins, please make referrals if you think there are certain people I should meet and please do not hold back your creative ideas.

Thank you and may Christ’s resurrected power reflects in you!

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho


親愛的朋友, 願復活的恩典臨到您和您的家人!此外, 我還要向您報告「尼希米計劃」的好消息! 靠著神的供應,以及您的支持與禱告,2019年4月18日,培德基督教學校以353萬美元成交了位於穚港區南運河街 3118-3140 號的房產! 交易得以完成是靠著超過 240 萬美元的捐款,30 萬美元的銀行貸款和 85 萬美元的個人及機構貸款。我們計劃在進入「尼希米計劃」最後階段以前,以最快的速度償還貸款。在過去的十四個月裡,我們見證了上帝如何叫人凡事互相效力,在人與人之間動工,把資源聚集在一起,我們有理由相信神依然在做工。我在4月13日向您提出的10萬美元的匹配挑戰尚未完成匹配,兩位挑戰發起人已將截止日期延長至了5月31日。重點是我們已經落實了房產,所以,讓我們繼續這場马拉松,抓住奉獻匹配的好機會! 學校已預算出二十四個月的時間用來作「尼希米計劃」最後階段的預備工作; 其中包括獲取所有必需的許可證、完成建築設計和圖紙, 以及為學校的設施建築籌款等等。 在此複活節期間,我有無數的感恩,感謝您在這趟旅程中與我們風雨同舟,神透過您祝福了整個學校。 除了繼續依靠您堅定的祈禱,我還需要您的創意和引薦。在實際施工開始之前,要作的工甚多,如果您認為有某個人或某些人我應該會面,請您為我引薦,也請不要隱藏您的任何創意點子! 感謝您,願神復活的大能在您的身上彰顯! 永沐主恩, 何何述珍

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