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Mrs. Rachel Newby - Officer of Communications


Degrees: B.A. in Communications

Hometown: Farmington, MI

Family: My husband, Christopher, and I! And the best network of extended family.

Why did you come to work at PTCS?

I am passionate about quality, accessible education for diverse populations. PTCS does an amazing job meeting people in their community and living out their two pillars “Joy in Learning, Love in Teaching.” This mission, along with an incredible legacy and bright future, brought me to PTCS.

What do you enjoy most about working at Pui Tak?

Being able to help others outside of PTCS see the ways God is at work in student’s hearts and minds is an incredible gift. I firmly believe that these moments are meant to be shared and I am excited to do so.

What are your favorite moments with students?

Hearing about what's going on in their lives and building a relationship with them. Their opinions and thoughts challenge me - it's incredible to hear what is going on in their minds!

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