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Project Vision

Streams of Grace

Pui Tak Christian School (PTCS), formerly CCUC Nursery School, was founded by the Chinese Christian Union Church in 1953 as an extension of Christ’s loving arm, reaching the community. Fueled by prayer and sacrificial supporters, PTCS has become a thriving school for preschool, elementary, and middle school and a beacon of hope in the Chinatown community.


Paved by the stream of God’s grace, more than seven decades have passed, and the vision remains the same: to see children rise to their potential and succeed in all spheres of life with joy and strength of character. God has an excellent plan for PTCS; through Project Nehemiah, God is calling us to accomplish more, to be more!

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Kingdom Impact

PTCS students achieve academic excellence, with classes continuously reaching the 98th-99th national percentile in standardized IOWA testing. Our recently graduated 8th grade class collectively tested in the 99th percentile in language arts and 94th percentile in math, and the entire class was accepted into elite selective Chicago high schools.


Practicing open enrollment, 90% of new incoming students are from non-Christian families every year. Life-changing stories take place daily: one of our parents was an extreme atheist whom no pastor or minister could ever reach. Yet, this intelligent and educated father could not resist his son, a PTCS Jr. Kindergarten student, asking if he could read the Bible to his father. As a result, this four-year-old student led his father and the entire family to Christ!

Pressing Limitations

Pui Tak Christian School's facility has reached its total capacity:

  • Limited classroom space

  • Temporary mobile classrooms

  • Multi-usage spaces

  • Inadequate bathroom access and classroom logistics

  • No outdoor playground


The school is further challenged by operating in two separate buildings to accommodate the student body. The school is deficient in space.

The Potential of the New School Facility 

Armed with a meticulous plan, we can more than double the student capacity through Project Nehemiah and multiply God’s blessings for generations to come!

The new campus would enroll up to 350 students compared to the current capacity of 130 students. The difference amounts to 220 more students per year who have the potential to become God’s agents influencing the world. With your support, PTCS will impact close to 200% more students daily and will have over 500,000 hours of constructive interaction with the students each school year!

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