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Community Impact

Children depend on their caregivers - family, schools, public institutions, and community resources to protect against socio-structural factors associated with disadvantage and social exclusion. Unfortunately, time after time, Asian children are sent back to their homeland within months after birth because their parents are unable to afford childcare.


These children are separated from their parents until they are four or five and are then“shipped” back to the United States for schooling. PTCS works with students who have had such experiences and found that 98% displayed moderate to extreme degrees of social, emotional, and behavioral disorders that directly affect their academic career from the start of their educational journey and lead to gaps in later education outcomes. These children experience a strong sense of abandonment and return to the United States with anger, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, distress, and disconnect with their parents and peers.


PTCS is the only Christian school that serves a predominantly Asian population in the communities and the only one of its kind in the Midwest.

Community Transformation


PTCS Demographics by Elementary and Preschool

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Expanding Influence

The new PTCS campus would have a wide-reaching impact beyond the immediate school family. The new campus could benefit the communities of Bridgeport, Armour Square, McKinley Park, Lower West Side, and beyond. PTCS could become a significant solution to the shortage of quality education and dual language education. 


In addition, the new school campus could facilitate summer programs, church services, Sunday school classes, youth clubs, adult ESL learning, and community programs during non-school hours. Thus establishing ourselves as a cornerstone of community life and further reaching Chicago’s young learners.

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