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Your Voice Counts!

Dear Friend,

On September 21st, we had the privilege to meet some neighbors in the community we consider our new home. Thank you for the support of those who were present to offer their positive words of encouragement during the Bridgeport Town Hall meeting with Alderman Thompson of the 11th Ward.

In many ways, the meeting was a success. The dialogue with our neighbors has enriched our understanding of the community of our future campus. Bridgeport is vibrant, with residents who truly care enough to spend an evening with us and share their thoughts. We are grateful; your feedback means a great deal to the staff and board at Pui Tak Christian School, and we consider this a significant opportunity to be part of the solution to the challenges our neighbors face. We see the residents of the community as our partners in this important undertaking.

Along with Alderman Thompson, we are concerned about the interests of our new neighbors. In our initial meetings, the alderman asked that we go above the city’s code requirements for 15 parking spaces. We came back with a plan that more than tripled the code minimum and allowed us to have 50 spots onsite. Through working with nearby businesses, we can almost quadruple this number for special events with 192 spots. The response of our staff and board show that we are determined to benefit our community, to enhance rather than disrupt, an existing way of life.

It’s not too late to help! You can still call or write to Alderman Thompson’s office and express your support for our school’s move to Bridgeport! If you have any further questions, you can direct these to our school office. Our doors are open to you and we encourage you to tour our school!

In His Grace, Bonnie Ho


親愛的朋友, 9月21日,我們有幸會見了一些我們未來校園的社區鄰居。我們感謝那些在第十一區 Thompson 區長主持的橋港區市政公聽會上給予我們積極鼓勵的朋友們。


與 Thompson 區長一致,我們關心該社區鄰居的利益。在與區長的初次會議時,區長要求我們設置15個超過城市規劃要求的停車位。在我們提交的全新規劃中,我們設置了超過城市規劃要求兩倍的停車位,在校園場地內總共設有50個停車位;而通過與附近的商戶合作,我們還可以將這個數字擴大近四倍,在有特殊活動時可以提供多達192個停車位。我們的同工與董事會的回應都明確地表達了我們造福社區的決心,我們要優化而不是擾亂社區現存的生活方式。

現在正是您幫助我們的時機!您可以致電或寫信給 Thompson 區長的辦公室,表達您對我們學校搬遷至橋港區的支持!如果您有任何其他問題,可以直接將這些問題傳達到我們的學校辦公室。謝謝您! 永沐主恩, 何何述珍

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