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Exploring Chinatown with Preschool

For days, our PreK3-2 class have been practicing walking together in one line, holding onto their rope around the PTCS building. Finally, they were ready to take a longer walk together exploring Chinatown! That morning brought many smiles to our community, and their joyful smiles definitely brightened many people's days! They said "good morning!" to each person they passed by, and cars stopped for them happily as our preschoolers shouted out "stop, car!" when crossing the streets.

"This is a big practice for them since children their age still lack spatial awareness and this gave them the chance to learn how much space to give each other when walking together," said Mrs. Lee, "the bigger picture here is that they are learning how to live with others and take care of others as well."

Our preschoolers knew that the leaves have fallen because it was Fall and they knew that the fences meant that it was someone's house! Good job, preschoolers! We are all so proud of you.

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