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Let's paint with our hands and feet!

As I get older, I find myself less and less creative. I'm wearing too much white grey and black, and I barely do anything new. I am only in my 20s! How can this be? I have the great opportunity to photograph our students when they do fun things in class, and those times always remind me I need to live with a younger heart, don't take things so seriously, and just paint with my hands and feet!

Yesterday, our enrichment program Creative Brushstrokes class with Ms. Huizenga had our preschoolers in big tee shirts, and dipping their hands and feet into paint and stamping them, or smudging them on their canvas. It is not only extremely exciting to play with paint and colors for our developing young minds, being able to push the boundaries of crayons and color pencils was even more exhilarating for them!

Watching them paint with their body really reminded me of my childhood days when my father would just roll out a huge roll of paper and just laid on the ground and doodled with me. Try something like this with your child and I guarantee there will be so much laughter and maybe you can also discover your child-like side!

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