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A look into our new school year! Sept/Oct Newsletter

Dear parents,

It is with great joy and gratefulness that we have officially been through the first month of school here at PTCS. It has been a beginning marked with calmness and preparedness from our students and teachers. I believe it is because the majority of our new preschool students were with us this summer at JSP Jumpstart, which allowed them to already be acquainted with our campus, staff, and school life.

Currently, our new classrooms for 4th-8th grade is still underway, please be ensured that the temporary classrooms are working out very well and your child is taken care of by our tireless staff. Join us in prayer that we will receive the permit as soon as possible.

Please also note that the TerraNova survey testing is scheduled for October 17-21 and not November 10th as shown in the previous parent calendar (an updated calendar can be found by accessing our school website). Our teachers have been preparing our students for both state standard and common core standard testing for the past 2 years so your child is very prepared for this testing period. Do note that since the scoring system is different and students are facing a new test, test scores are expected to drop during this transitional period as seem in Chicago Public Schools when they first switched to common core testing.

In His Service,

Bonnie Ho, Principal




請注意,TerraNova標準試的日期是10月17至21日,而不是在之前家長日曆上所寫的11月10日(請到學校網站查看最新的日曆信息)。在過去的兩年裡,我們的老師都在以州制標準和共同核心(Common Core)標準為大綱進行教學。您的孩子已經有相當的把握應付這一次的考試。但本次測試的評分標準與以往的Iowa標準試有所不同,加上學生們是第一次面臨這全新的考試,所以最後的測試結果可能也和以往的成績有所出入。通常在考試體制變革的過程中,整個芝加哥公立學校都會面臨成績下滑的現象,所以預計這一次也不會例外,所以請家長們做好心裏準備。



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