Our Teachers and Staff 

We believe that all children are fearfully and wonderfully made. All of our staff understand that we have been entrusted with unique creations, and we wholeheartedly commit to "Pui Tak", which translated into English means to cultivate virtue and build character. Every day, we seek to exemplify Christ's teachings and His character by nurturing the potential of this generation and the generations to come. 

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 Sylvia Wu,  

 Principal Emeritus 


 Vincci Chan,  Preschool  - PK3-1


Grace Yoo, 



Victoria Stoll, 

Preschool - PK3-2 

Sydney Pritzl

Carmen Bonner,

Jr. Kindergarten - 1

Sydney Pritzl, 

Jr. Kindergarten - 2

Alexandra Hubbard

Alexandra Hubbard, 

1st Grade  


Angela Osgood, 

2nd Grade 


Meagan Lundgren 

3rd Grade 


Alyssa Rivas, 

4th & 5th Grade Homeroom;  

4-8th Grade Math & Science

Sha Calhoun, 

6th-8th Grade Homeroom,

4-8th Grade Language Arts


 Erika Huizenga, 

 4th-8th Social Studies 

 Art - K-8th  

Shuyi Feng, 

PreK-2nd Mandarin 

Jack pic.jpg

Jack Wen, 

3rd-8th Grade Mandarin


Esther Leung,

School Counselor

 Administrative Team  

Rosalind Yang,

Director of Stewardship


Lynn Chan,

Admin Assistant: Bookkeeping 


Sharon Chin,

Admin Assistant: Receptionist 

Katie Head Shot.jpg

Kathryn Johnson,

Assistant to Principal

Mee Fung.jpg

MeeFung Yen De Joa,

Admin Assistant: Operations 

Danny Tam, 

Admin Assistant: Facility Support

 Teachers' Aide 

Eva Chen, 

Preschool - PK3-1


Ruth Titus

Preschool - PK3-2

Cindy Jiang,

Preschool - JK