CPS Free Meal Program

Starting Tuesday, March 17, meal pick-up for students begins at every CPS location, and is scheduled from 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday. Pickups should be right outside the main doors of each school. The local schools in our area include Haines Elementary School 247, W 23rd Pl, National Teachers Academy 55 W Cermak Rd, South Loop Middle School 1601 S Dearborn, and Robert Healy Elementary 3010 S Parnell Ave.


Lunchroom staff will provide six meals for each student (good for three days’ worth of food). If an adult has three children in the household, they will be given 18 meals. You can go to any school to obtain these meals, regardless of home or neighborhood school location. There will not be a check of enrollment at meal pick-up. Both public school and private school students are eligible for this meal program.

Many online companies are offering resources to help while your children are home. Here
are a few:

1. Xfinity WiFi hotspots are available for free for internet access with network name
"xfinitywifi". You can get a map of their hotspots at


2. Scholastic has prepared excellent material while students are at home.

3. Illinois Board of Ed has compiled a list of resources.


Additional Support



自三月十七日起,芝加哥公立學校將為學生發放食物。發放時間為週一至週五早上9點至下 午1點。領取地點在各個學校正門口。我們地區的公立學校包括Haines Elementary School 247,地址為W 23rd Pl;National Teachers Academy,地址為55 W Cermak Rd;South Loop Middle School,地址為1601 S Dearborn;以及Robert Healy Elementary,地址為3010 S Parnell Ave。


1. Xfinity WiFi 熱點可供您免費使用。若您需要使用網絡,請搜索網絡名稱 “xfinitywifi” 進行連接。您可以在 Xfinity 的網站查詢熱點覆蓋的區域,網址為:



2. Scholastic 為在家學習的學生準備了高質量的學習材料,網址為:


3. 伊利諾伊教育委員會也收集了豐富的學習資源,網址為: https://www.isbe.net/keeplearning

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