From the Principal: E-Learning Week 12

校長的信息 - 電子學習第十二週

Dear Parents,

It has been an exciting week for me, as I visited over 30 elementary students to present their Principal Honor Roll and Character Awards. I was blessed to see the excited faces as we celebrated their achievements. I was also delighted to see some of your faces during our year-end online Chapel! 

This year we have ventured into many ‘firsts’ in our school history. Here is another “first”  to end the school year - the way you are receiving report cards.

Preschool parents: teachers are arranging either pick-up or delivery of your child’s report card, portfolios, and personal belongings left at the school.

Elementary parents: teachers are sending report cards via email. Upon receipt of your child(ren)’s report card(s), please sign and scan it back to your teacher. If you do not have the capability to sign and return it electronically, you can stop by the office next week to do so. 

I am happy to announce that this will be the LAST e-Learning email from me until the Fall.

Here are a few items to note: 

1. School Summer Office Hours: Mondays & Thursdays 9 AM - 4 PM.

2. Summer Packets - Please schedule a regular time each week for your child to complete it, to help keep his/her mind sharp over the Summer.

3. Don’t forget to sign up for the one-on-one Summer e-Tutoring Program.  A registration form is attached to this email, but you can also fill out a Google form HERE

4. The Jr.K & Kindergarten Graduation is tomorrow, June 13 at 10 AM!

My congratulations to the 8th grade, Jr.K, and Kindergarten graduates! My gratitude to the faculty, staff, and parents for strong partnership and commitment! Glory be to God who enables us to finish this school well!  I do wish you a wonderful summer with your family. Have fun outdoors and stay active! Keep in contact with us and introduce your friends to our school through our website and the PTCS Facebook page

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho



對我而言,這是激動人心的一週。我對 30 多名小學部的學生進行了家訪,為他們頒發了校長榮譽榜和品德獎的證書。當我我們禮讚他們成就的時候,看到他們興奮的臉龐時,我感到很欣慰。我也十分高興,能在本學年最後一次的在線崇拜中,看到你們中的一些面孔。


今年,我們在學校的歷史上寫入了許多的 “第一次”。以下是本學年的另一個 “第一次”,那是有關家長如何接收成績單的方式。









1. 學校暑期校務處開放時間:週一和週四上午9 點至下午4 點。

2. 暑假學習資料包 -- 請您每週為孩子安排一個固定的時間來完成它,以幫助他們在暑假期間保持敏銳的頭腦。

3. 不要忘記報名參加 暑期一對一電子補習。註冊表格附在這封郵件中。您也可以點擊此處,填寫在線表格進行報名。

4. 學前四歲班和幼稚園的畢業典禮 將於明天(6月13日)上午10 點舉行。


我祝賀所有八年級、學前四歲班以及幼稚園的畢業生!感謝全體教職同工和家長們的大力配合與投入!榮耀歸於使我們能夠順利完成學業的神。祝愿您和家人度過一個愉快的暑假。同時,請與我們保持聯繫,並通過學校的 網站Facebook主頁 向您的朋友介紹我們的學校。謝謝!





From the Principal: E-Learning Week 11

校長的信息 - 電子學習第十一週











Dear Parents,

This has been a distressing week, to say the least. We have been inundated with news and images about racial inequality, rioting, and looting, on top of the pandemic. 

Experts are advising parents to limit watching the news with their young children, and to engage children in conversations and activities that help them feel safe and connected. I encourage you to have technology-free dinners together and to pray together as a family. 

A COVID Task Force (CTF) has been established with two distinct missions: 1) to develop a contingency plan in case the school is not able to operate on campus in the fall; and 2) to equip the school to re-open on campus at any time. 

The CTF members are as follows: 

  1. Fiona Cross (Title)

  2. Vincci Chan (Preschool)

  3. Carmen Bonner (Preschool)

  4. Jamie Mai (Preschool parents)

  5. Donna Yuan (preschool parent) pending

  6. Bethany LeLaurin (Elementary)

  7. Meagan Lundgren (Elementary)

  8. Mary Yoon (Elementary parent)

  9. Ruth Titus (Medical personnel)

  10. Bonnie Ho (Admin)

  11. Fabian Ocampo (Admin)

  12. Lynn Chan (Admin)

Here are a few items to note: 

1. Second Notice: THE SCHOOL OFFICE IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE due to the recent threats to different communities. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but we must keep our staff and parents’ safety in mind.

2. Don’t forget to sign up for the one-on-one Summer e-Tutoring Program.  A registration form is attached to this email, but you can also fill out a Google form HERE.

3. Principal’s Honor Roll Breakfast will be celebrated via Zoom on Thursday, June 11 at 8 am. 

4. The 8th Grade Commencement is on Friday, June 12 at 3 PM. The Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation is on Saturday, June 13 at 10 AM.  Join us in celebrating our graduates’ achievements by clicking on this Facebook Live link on Friday and Saturday!​

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho




















  1. Fiona Cross (Title I 老師)

  2. Vincci Chan (學前部老師)

  3. Carmen Bonner (學前部老師)

  4. Jamie Mai (學前部家長)

  5. Bethany LeLaurin (小學部老師)

  6. Meagan Lundgren (小學部老師)

  7. Mary Yoon (小學部家長)

  8. Ruth Titus (醫務人員)

  9. Bonnie Ho (行政人員)

  10. Fabian Ocampo (行政人員)

  11. Lynn Chan (行政人員)



1. 第二次通知:由於這些日子各社區的安全隱患,學校辦公室現已關閉,重新開放的時間有待通知。因為我們必須要考慮教職人員和家長的人身安全,若因此為您帶來任何不便,我深表歉意,。 

2. 請不要忘記報名註冊一對一的暑期線上補習輔導項目。報名表請查看附件,您也可以點擊此處填寫註冊表格。

3. 校長的榮譽早餐將於6月11日早8點在Zoom上舉行。

4. 八年級畢業典禮 將在6月12日下午3時舉行。學前部畢業典禮 將在6月13日上午10時舉行。歡迎您和我們一同慶祝畢業生的成就,您可以在週五和週六點擊 Facebook實況 在 線觀看哦!

5. 若您想要了解更多關於學校活動、暑期電子補習和新冠肺炎學費補助等信息,請瀏覽





From the Principal: E-Learning Week 10

校長的信息 - 電子學習第十週

Dear Parents,

We are almost at the finish line! We can all breathe a sigh of relief at completing this challenging school year in two weeks!


As soon as school is done, our newly formed COVID Task Force, made up of faculty and parents from Elementary and Preschool, will roll up our sleeves and work on a contingency plan for e-Learning in the Fall. We are excited to refine and enrich the Elementary program, and are anticipating a brand new Preschool e-Learning program! In addition, the COVID Task Force will work on equipping the school for reopening as soon as Illinois enters Phase 5. The safety of our families is our priority, therefore we will follow closely the policies presented by government agencies.

Here are a few items to note: 

1. Our Virtual Poetry Slam was a success! Thank you to the teachers who encouraged good writing from our students, to all our presenters for their hard work, and to Mrs. Osgood, the coordinator, and MC! We had some particularly thoughtful poems related to the quarantine and fun poems about food, siblings, and Summer! 

2. PTCS is offering a Summer Tutoring Program. We have wonderful teachers committed to keeping our students academically fit over the summer.  I encourage you to sign up for your children today! A registration form is attached to this email.

3. Principal’s Honor Roll Breakfast will be celebrated via Zoom on Thursday, June 11 at 8 am. I will be delivering goodie bags and certificates to those who received straight-As or Character Awards for 3rd & 4th quarters. Stay tuned for more details!

4. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will provide healthy meals and snacks to children and teens aged 18 and younger at hundreds of sites across Illinois this summer. Families can find their nearest summer meals site by calling (800) 359-2163, texting “FoodIL" to 877-877, or visiting

5. For more announcements on school events, e-Tutoring summer program, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho



即將到達終點! 我們將完成這個充滿挑戰的學年,在兩個星期後,便可以鬆一口氣了!

本學年一結束,由小學部和學前部的教師和家長以及行政同工組成的COVID專責小組,將馬上捲起衣袖,為秋季學期的電子學習制定應急計劃。我們萬分期待更完善,更豐富的小學電子課程,並為學前部打造全新的電子學習課程。另外,COVID 專責小組將為學校在伊利諾伊州進入復工和復學的第五階段後的重新開學做準備。保障每一個家庭安全是我們的首要任務,因此,我們將密切關注政府部門頒布的政策。


1. 虛擬詩詞大賽很成功!感謝每一位鼓勵學生們寫出好作品的老師,感謝所有年輕的詩人的努力,也感謝統籌和主持人Mrs. Osgood 老師!一些作品與疫情相關,富有思想和創意。還有一些有趣的作品主題,如食物、兄弟姐妹和夏天。

2. 培德基督教學校將提供一個暑期电子補習计划。我們有很多優秀的老師,致力於在暑假期間讓學生們在學習上保持良好的狀態。我鼓勵您今天就為孩子報名!報名表附在本郵件中。

3. 6月11日(星期四)上午8 點,我們將通過 Zoom 舉行校长荣誉榜早餐会。我將為第三和第四季度獲得全優或品德獎的學生送上禮品袋和獲獎證書。有關更多詳情,請持續關注我們的消息!

4. 暑期食品發放計劃(SFSP)將於今年夏天在伊利諾伊州數百個地點為18歲及以下的兒童和青少年提供健康的膳食和小吃。家庭可以通過撥打(800)359-2163,發送短信 "FoodIL "至877-877-877,或訪問 網站,來查詢距離最近的暑期取餐地點。

5. 有關學校活動、電子補習、疫情期間學費補助的詳細內容,請訪問學校網站:





From the Principal: E-Learning Week 9

校長的信息 - 電子學習第九週

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that there are only three weeks of school left. I am proud of the perseverance everyone has demonstrated through these trying times!

As the weeks and days wind down the faculty and I feel that it would be prudent to produce a contingency plan for the Fall in case schools are not allowed to re-open on campus. We are confident that there will be no learning lost for the Elementary, as has been demonstrated in the 3rd  & 4th Quarters this year. The Preschool e-Learning program will go through an overhaul, with the experiences accumulated from the last few months and the great suggestions and feedback collected from parents. The preschool team and I are confident that we can reinvent the wheel and create an effective e-Learning program for our 3-4-year-olds, if the situation calls for it. 

A Task Force will be established by the end of May to develop a contingency plan in case schools are not allowed to re-open in September, and to work on equipping the school for re-opening at any time. More details will be communicated in weeks to come.

Here are a few items to note: 

1. There is no school this Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day. The office will be closed, so the homework pickup will be on Tuesday, the 26th.

2. Poetry Slam is next Friday, May 29th, at 9:00 am. All parents are welcome to attend using Zoom:  Meeting ID: 943 5253 8761  Password: 038468

3. So far only 50.1% of Chinatown residents and 40% in Bridgeport have participated in the 2020 Census. If you have not yet done so, please send yours in! See attached postcards for reference. 

4. For detailed announcements on school events, e-Tutoring summer program, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho







1. 本週一(5月25日,即國殤紀念日)放假一天。校務處將關閉。請於5月26日(週二)領取學生作業。

2. 詩詞大賽的時間是5月29日(下週五)上午9 點。歡迎所有家長參加。

我們將使用Zoom, 屆時請點擊 此鏈接 ID: 943 5253 8761 密碼: 038468

3. 到目前為止,只有 50.1% 的中國城居民和40%的橋港區居民參加了2020 年的人口普查。如果您還沒有參加,請盡快填寫調查。請參閱所附信件。

4. 有關學校活動、電子輔導、疫情期間學費補助的詳細內容,請訪問學校網站:





From the Principal: E-Learning Week 8

校長的信息 - 電子學習第八週

Dear Parents,


For over 25 years, JSP Jumpstart has served thousands of children in the greater Chinatown community. We had recruited a great group of teachers and assistants who were looking forward to a fun-filled and academically enriching summer with your child. 


During the past month with Illinois’ stay-at-home order in place, we have been exploring how JSP Jumpstart could continue. This week, Gov. Pritzker stated that the peak won’t be reached until mid-June. It would be impossible for us to provide a safe in-person program. We also considered a remote academic program as Pui Tak Christian School has developed an effective e-learning structure. While possible, we determined that training new teachers would be too challenging for a short program. Thus, we came to the sad decision not to offer JSP Jumpstart this summer. For more details, please see the attachment.

Here are a few items to note: 

1. The deadline for Elementary Re-enrollment is today. Please re-enroll now, so that we can prepare for next year. Click here for the Elementary form

2. CCUC has donated disposable masks to the school, enough for each student to receive three pieces. Please pick them up at the office Mondays & Thursdays from 9:30a-3:30p. The masks for JrK and Kindergarten are enclosed in the graduation packets.

3. For detailed announcements on school events, e-Tutoring summer program, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:


May God bless you and give you peace!

In His Grace,


Bonnie Ho




過去25年,暑假啟航班(JSP)在華埠社區教育栽培了成千以上的學員。 今年我們也一如既往招募了一群出色的老師及助教,並期待著與您的子女一起渡過一個有趣及學識充實的暑假。





1. 今天就是小學部新學年註冊的截止日期,請現在就註冊,以確保我們為下一學年度做好籌備工作。點此鏈接 填寫小學部申請表。

2. 芝加哥華人基督教聯合會向學校捐贈了一次性口罩,每個學生可以領取3個。請您在週一或週四上午9 點半至下午3 點半到校務處領取。四歲班和幼稚園學生的口罩已放在了畢業包裹中。

3. 有關學校活動、電子輔導、疫情期間學費補助的詳細內容,請訪問學校網站:







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 7

校長的信息 - 電子學習第七週

Dear Parents,


I am deeply humbled by your kind words this past week as you and your children responded to my invitation to celebrate and appreciate our teachers. Thank you for showering our teachers with love and encouragement! 


PTCS had our first virtual Talent Show! It was beautiful how our students and parents stepped up and got involved. I am grateful to our Director of Stewardship, Ms. Yang, and my assistant, Ms. Wang, for the countless hours they spent in production and preparing for the event! A big shout out to them and our students for a fabulous job well done! A special thanks to our guest performers, Two Piano Journey, and Lavender Cloud.


THANK YOU for watching our Talent Show on #GivingTuesdayNow! We started strong and are continuing the Child Champion fundraiser! Please help PTCS win another $10,000 by liking our posts on #SchoolsGotTalents Instagram. Find and share all 25 PTCS videos and LIKE THEM ALL! The school that has the most likes before May 15 wins this contest! If you are not sure how to, click on this How To video.  


Here are a few items to note: 

1. The deadline for Elementary Re-enrollment is next Friday, May 15. Please re-enroll now, so that we can prepare for next year. Click here for the Elementary form.

2. Another Emergency Food Distribution will take place tomorrow, May 9 at 11 AM at CCUC. Please see the attached flyer for more info. I recommend arriving early.

3. For detailed announcements on school events, JSP Jumpstart Registration, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:


May God bless you and give you peace!

In His Grace,


Bonnie Ho








感謝您觀看我們的 「慈善星期二 現在」才藝表演活動!我們有一個好的開始,接下來會繼續為做孩子的天使活動募集資金!您可以幫助學校贏得一萬美元的獎項,只需在 Instagram 上發布的 #SchoolsGotTalents  點贊即可。請找到全部 25 個培德視頻,並點贊,分享給您的朋友和家人!在15日之前贏得最多點贊的學校就可以贏得這次比賽!請點擊以下鏈接:一分鐘告訴您怎麼做



1. 下週五,5月15日是小學部新學年註冊的截止日期,請現在就註冊,以確保我們為下一學年度做好籌備工作。 點此鏈接 填寫小學部申請表。

2. 明日(5月9日)另一個緊急食物分配將在華人基督教聯合會即培德學校現址開展。詳情請查閱附件的海報。建議您提前到達現場。

3. 了解更多關於 2019-2020 學年其他的活動,如「暑期啟航班」註冊、疫情期間學費補助等信息,請訪問我們的網站







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 6

校長的信息 - 電子學習第六週

Dear Parents,


Happy May 1st! The staff and I pray for you constantly and hope that you are well this week. 


You are invited to our virtual Talent Show on Tuesday, May 5! This will be done in conjunction with the #GivingTuesdayNow global event, as well as the culmination of our Child Champion Campaign. Log onto on Tuesday! We will be airing the Talent Show at 10 AM, Noon, and 7 PM. You are welcome to invite your friends and family, too!


Thank you to those who filled out the Parent Feedback survey. Your input was helpful and encouraging. We are already taking action based on your responses, like printing assignment packets for parents who needed that to pick up from the office and arranging for more one-on-one or small group teachings in the preschool classes. If you have not yet submitted the survey, do it today! We have even added an optional field to enter your name, so we can assist you personally if needed. Your valuable insights can help shape the school!


Here are a few items to note: 

1. The staff is excited as we prepare for virtual graduations for our JrK, Kindergarten and 8th grade! Mark your calendars & celebrate with us on Friday, June 12, 3-4 pm for the 8th-grade graduation and Saturday, June 13, 10-11:30 am for our Preschool graduation.

2. Due to the pandemic, the Elementary Re-enrollment deadline has been extended to May 15. We highly recommend early enrollment so that we can plan for the next school year. Click here for the Elementary form.

3. For detailed announcements on school events, JSP Jumpstart Registration, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:


“God be with you till we meet again; when life’s perils thick confound you, put His arms unfailing round you; God be with you till we meet again”. (Rankin, 1880)


In His Grace,


Bonnie Ho





我們誠摯的邀請您參加5月5日的線上才藝展!這是一項和 #GivingTuesdayNow「慈善星期二」一併舉行的全球性活動,也將會把我們的助學金募集活动——「做孩子的天使」帶入高潮。屆時,我們將在當天的早上10時,中午12時,及晚上7時進行線上直播,直播地址。帶上你的朋友和家人一起來看看吧!


感謝您填寫了家長意見調查表( Parent Feedback)。您的反饋幫助並鼓舞了我們。我們已經根據您的意見作出了一些改善,例如將作業打印出來,供應給有需要的家長領取,以及為學前班的同學安排更多與老師一對一的互動。若您還沒有提交您的調查表,現在還不晚哦!我們還增加了填寫您姓名的選擇,這樣我們可以為您提供個性化的協助。您的寶貴意見會幫助我們更好的運營學校!



1. 當我們為四歲班、幼稚園和八年級的虛擬畢業典禮做準備時,同工們感到非常興奮!請在您的日曆上做標記 – 6 月 12 日(星期五)下午 3-4 點,參加我們八年級的畢業典禮。也請在6 月 13 日(星期六)上午 10-11:30 參加我們四歲班和幼稚園的畢業典禮。

2.  受疫情影響,小學部新學年註冊的截止日期延長至5月15日。我們強烈建議大家盡快報名,以便我們為下一學年做計劃。請點擊此鏈接,查看小學部重新註冊的表格。

3. 了解更多關於2020-2021學年其他的活動,如「暑期啟航班」註冊、疫情期間學費補助等信息,請訪問我們的網站







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 5

校長的信息 - 電子學習第五週

Have a chat with your Principal:

Dear Parents,

We completed Week 5 of e-Learning! It continues to be a challenging time, especially since Governor Pritzker extended the stay-at-home order until May 30th. Stay encouraged and don’t give up! Because of your efforts and the efforts of the PTCS team, we are in a position to finish this school year with excellence!


This week, I would like to ask you to further partnering with us by filling out a Parent Feedback survey. Your valuable feedback can help us to continue developing our e-Learning program. All submissions are completely anonymous and confidential. It will only take you a few minutes to complete. Your participation is greatly appreciated! Here is the link: 


Here are a few items to note: 

1. Jr.K and Kindergarten Graduation and 8th Grade Graduation will take place remotely as scheduled. Please stay tuned and check our website for more details!

2. A special “Giving Tuesday Now” will take place on May 5th. The school will echo and fundraise on that day for our school families who need tuition assistance. Please support our effort by sharing with your circle of friends. 

3. Due to the pandemic, the Elementary Re-enrollment deadline has been extended to May 15. We highly recommend early enrollment so that we can plan for the next school year. Click here for the Elementary form.

4. For detailed announcements on school events, JSP Jumpstart Registration, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, please visit:


I pray that you have a blessed and restful weekend. If you have not already worked it into your routine, I highly encourage you to take a family walk. It really helps to get out of the house and get fresh air. Until we meet again, may the love and the hope of God be with you and your loved ones!

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho





電子學習第五週經已完成!這是一個充滿挑戰的時期,尤其是 Pritzker 州長將居家隔離的指令延長到5月30日。請再接再厲,不要放棄!通過您和培德學校團隊的努力,我們將以優異的成績完成本學年的學習任務!





1. 四歲班、幼兒園和八年級畢業典禮將通過電子平台如期舉行。請關注我們的網站,了解更多詳情。

2. 一個特別的「慈善星期二」( Giving Tuesday Now)籌款活動即將於 5月5日舉行。在當天,學校將響應此活動,為需要經濟支持的培德家庭籌款。請您與身邊的人多多宣傳,來支持我們的努力。

3. 受疫情影響,小學部重新註冊的截止日期延長至5月15日。我們強烈建議大家提前報名,以便為下一學年做計劃。請點擊此鏈接,查看小學部重新註冊的表格。

4. 了解更多關於2020-2021學年其他的活動,如詩詞大賽、畢業典禮、「暑期啟航班」註冊、疫情期間學費補助、學費繳費等信息,請訪問我們的網站: /annoucements。







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 4

校長的信息 - 電子學習第四週

Dear Parents,


Governor Pritzker announced in today’s press conference that Illinois schools will remain closed through the remainder of the school year. I am thankful that PTCS is well prepared for that. We have completed the 4th week of E-Learning with an average of 94% of attendance. Thank you for continuing to support your children and teachers. Together, let us make sure our students will not miss any learning they so deserve!


It was a blessing to see many of you during our first-ever e-Chapel on Good Friday! We announced during our Easter Chapel the winners of this year’s Science Fair. 


Congratulations to our Middle School winners: 

Carleigh Rucker 1st Place, Jayda Matthews 2nd Place,  

Adele Jennings, Honorable Mention 


Our Elementary winners are: 

Elizabeth Titus 1st Place, Candace Tan 2nd Place

YunTian Zhang, Honorable Mention 


For announcements on 2020-2021 Re-Enrollment, JSP Jumpstart Registration, COVID-19 Tuition Assistance, Tuition Payment and many more, please go to our website:


This week, I felt compelled to share a video message with you. Please click here for my sharing:














May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

In His Grace,


Bonnie Ho




州長Pritzker在今天的新聞發布會上宣布,伊利諾伊州所有學校將繼續停課,直至本學年結束。培德基督教學校已經為此做好了充分的準備,我為此十分感激。我們已經完成了第四週的電子學習,學生的平均出勤率達到 94%。感謝您繼續支持孩子和老師們。讓我們一起努力,確保我們的學生不會錯過任何他們應有的學習機會!





第一名:Carleigh Rucker 

第二名: Jayda Matthews

榮譽獎:Adele Jennings



第一名:Elizabeth Titus

第二名:Candace Tan

榮譽獎:YunTian Zhang


有關 2020-2021 學年的入學註冊、「暑期啟航班」註冊、因疫情需要的學費補助申請、繳納學費等公告,請訪問我們的網站:




願耶和華賜福你,保護你;願耶和華使他的臉光照你,賜恩給你;願耶和華敞臉垂顧你,賜你平安。(民數記 6:24-26)





From the Principal: E-Learning Week 3

校長的信息 - 電子學習第三週

Dear Parents,


Thank you for partnering with our teachers; your participation has proven vital to your child’s learning away from school. Together, we have completed Week 3 of e-Learning! 


Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot have extended the order to stay-at-home through the end of the month. With these considerations, PTCS has decided to extend our e-Learning until April 30th. We pray that this measure will indeed aid in the fight against COVID-19 so that we can resume school on campus as soon as possible. 


We implemented e-Learning to ensure uninterrupted education to all of our students during school closure. With the commitment, dedication and immense amount of work from the PTCS team, we have achieved our goals in delivering quality education through the e-Learning platform. Though the school hour for the preschoolers is shorter, the faculty has provided stability and a sense of security to the young learners, which is priceless.   


It is estimated 25% of PTCS families are impacted financially by COVID-19. My heart goes out to those of you who are struggling. To this end, we are launching Child Champion: Campaign to Raise Scholarships for students who are not able to pay the remaining tuition in full. We at PTCS are committed to making sure none of our students is left behind.  It is in a time such as this, we have to look after our neighbors, and have each other’s back. 


If God has blessed your family financially, please send in your full, monthly tuition payment so that we can continue to provide education without disruption. If, however, you have experienced job loss due to this global crisis and find it difficult to pay rent and provide food for your family, much less pay for your child’s tuition, please do not hesitate to contact me or the admin staff for financial assistance.


Here are a few items to note:

1. Easter Break begins this Monday, April 6 through Monday, April 13, E-learning resumes on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

2. CPS meal sites for students during Easter Break will be limited. For those in Chinatown, the closest location will be Healy Elementary at 3010 S Parnell Ave. They will be open Monday, April 6 – April 10 from 9 am-1 pm. To find the closest meal site, plug in your you address on

3. JSP Jumpstart - the new deadline for our summer program’s early-bird registration is May 15, 2020. In the event that JSP Jumpstart is cancelled due to COVID-19, payment will be refunded.

4. School activities are postponed – IOWA Standard Test, Read-A-Thon and Poetry Slam

5. To visit our virtual Science Fair, please click here: 

6. Attached to this email are fun things you can do with your children over the break:

a. Info on the Easter Story

b. Resource list for different activities

c. Picture books in English and Chinese on why kids cannot go to school


May you find peace during this quiet Easter. I encourage you to join in with your local church online. Chinese Christian Union Church, with whom we share our school facilities, will have live streams of service on Sunday, April 12 at 10 AM. They will also have a Good Friday service on April 10 at 7:30 PM. Please click the following links at those times.

English -   

Cantonese -  

Mandarin -


I wish you a restful break, full of peace, and I look forward to seeing your child for Week 4 of e-Learning on Tuesday, April 14. 


In His Grace,


Bonnie Ho










預計有25%的培德家庭遭受了新冠帶來的經濟危機,讓我覺得很難過。請為孩子打氣 -- 發起為無法支付剩餘學費的學生籌集助學金的運動。在培德學校,一個孩子都不可以少。在這樣的時刻, 我們必須照顧我們的鄰居, 並互相支援。






1. 復活節假期將從4月6日(星期一)開始至4月13日(星期一)結束。電子學習將於2020年4月14日星期二恢復。

2. 復活節假期期間,學生在公立學校領取免費餐食的地點將受到限制。離中國城最近的地點是位於S Parnell Ave 3010的Healy Elementary。他們將於4月6日至4月9日上午9點至下午1點開放。搜索最近的用餐地點,請打開以下鏈接,輸入您的地址

3. 「暑期啟航班」- 早鳥新註冊的截止日期改為2020年5月15日。 如果啟航班因新冠病毒被取消。付款將會退還。

4. 學校活動被推遲 - IOWA 標準試,閱讀馬拉松和詩歌會。

5. 請瀏覽培德學生的科學展示,請單擊此處:

6. 在假期中,您可以和孩子一起做以下有趣的事情:

a. 重溫附上的復活節故事

b. 在附上的清單中選擇有趣的活動

c. 附上的圖書可以幫助您的孩子了解為什麼他們暫時不能上學

d. 查看何校長在線上的工作坊使用中文講解如何停課不停學,請單擊此處:



英語 -   

廣東話 -  

普通話 -







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 2

校長的信息 - 電子學習第二週

Dear Families,

Thank you for your partnership as we complete Week 2 of e-Learning. The PTCS team started it off with group devotions that helped set the tone for the week. I am grateful for the technology that provides a way to touch base with our staff while we all work remotely.


This is a short teaching week as we end it with Teacher Institute Day and Parent-Teacher Conferences. I believe we have settled into the e-learning platform and are getting a hang of Google Hangouts. Attendance has reached 96% despite reports of sickness, no internet and power outages. I am pleased with the amount of teaching and learning found in all the classes.


It has been a great joy for me, as the principal, to visit classes. A PK-3 student attentively following along with the teacher in front of the monitor, said to his younger brother sitting next to him, “Stand up, you have to stand up to do this!” Now that's what I call total engagement! It has also been important to our children’s mental health to see and greet each other and their teachers as they would typically do in their physical classroom. 


Here are a few items to note:


1. One of our parents gave us a great suggestion on how to submit tuition payments besides mailing it in. PTCS has a mail slot at the double-red doors where we dismiss our Jr.K classes. These are the doors to the left of our main door. If it is more convenient for you, you may drop your tuition in that mail slot.


2. Thursday, March 26, is Teacher Institute Day. All of our teachers will be busy grading and organizing assessment data for their classes. We will not send home report cards this quarter as some assessments must be completed on-site and in-person. 


3. Friday, March 27, is the Parent-Teacher e-Conference. We have a very tight schedule that includes translation for a number of our families. The teacher will report to you the growth and progress of your child. Please be on time for your conference, and be ready with questions if you have any. If you are having difficulty with Google Hangouts, please let us know before your meeting time. 


4. The Elementary Science Fair is moving right along! By now, students should have submitted their video presentations. Our judges will review all of the student presentations; lookout for the announcement of the winners!  A link for you to virtually attend our Science Fair will be provided next week. 

5. Jr.K and Elementary re-enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year starts Thursday, March 26th. Please see the attached fillable re-enrollment form. To submit, please print and mail completed form, along with $200 Tuition Deposit to Pui Tak Christian School, 2301 S Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616, or drop it in the red doors mail slot. The deadline for re-enrollment is April 24, 2020.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s teacher. Remember, we are stronger together!


With hope in Christ,

Bonnie Ho






由於本週四、週五的教師研修日和家長會,這個教學週比較短。相信您已經習慣了Google Hangouts 的使用方式。在本週中,學生的出勤率高達96%,我對所有課程中教導的質和量都非常滿意。


作為校長,能進到課堂觀察學生的學習,是我的一大樂事。一名三歲的學生正專心地跟隨著屏幕上老師的指導做各樣的動作。忽然,他對坐在旁邊的弟弟說:“站起來,這個你必須要站起來做!” 這就是我所說的完全的投入!此外,學生們可以與彼此,與老師們見面,相互問候,就像平日在教室中一樣,這對他們的心理健康是十分重要的。




1. 除了把學費郵寄到本校之外,一位家長給了我們一個提交學費的好主意。在學前班放學的兩扇紅門處,也就是學校正門的左側,有一個郵件槽。如果這對您來說更方便的話,您可以將學費投入該郵件槽中。


2. 3月26日(星期四)是教師進修日。所有老師將忙於課程的評分,並整理評估數據。由於一些評估必須跟學生面對面進行,本期的成績單會延後發放。


3. 3月27日(星期五)是家長會。我們的時間表很緊湊。老師將向您報告孩子的成長和與學業上的進度。請您準時參加會議。如有任何疑問,請提前準備好。如果您對使用Google Hangouts 還有問題,請在會議之前告知我們。


4. 小學部的科學博覽會已經在進行當中!截至今天,學生應該已經提交了他們的視頻展示。我們的評委將觀看所有學生的展示報告。請注意有關比賽的結果!我們將於下週為您提供在線參與科學博覽會的鏈接。


5. 四歲半和小學部 2020-2021 新學期的註冊將於3月26日(星期四)開始。請參閱附件,下載可填寫的註冊表格。完成後,請把填妥並打印好的表格連同 200 美元的學位押金郵寄至培德基督教學校(Pui Tak Christian School), 2301 S Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616,或將其投入紅門上的郵件槽中。重新註冊的截止日期是2020年4月24日。







From the Principal: E-Learning Week 1

校長的信息 - 電子學習第一週

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for your partnership this week. There was great learning among students, teachers and parents alike! Teachers have worked tirelessly to continue providing lessons for students. Please take the time to thank them.


Many of you have questions, which I will answer:


1. As the governor has issued a “shelter-in-place” order until April 7, all faculty and administrative staff will operate remotely from home. As a result, we will not be in the office to receive your monthly tuition payments. Until school is back in session, please mail your monthly tuition payments to the school at 2301 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616.  We will pick up mail once a week.


2. There will be no e-school next week on Thursday and Friday, March 26-27, for Teacher Institute Day and Parent-Teacher Conferences. All conferences will be done remotely with your child/ren’s teacher and through Hangouts Meet. Please check your email and accept your teacher’s invitation to the meeting. 


3. IOWA Testing will take place on April 20-24, as scheduled, granted that we are able to return to school on April 14th. 


4. All other school calendar events will continue as planned, and upcoming events, like the Science Fair, will be done electronically.


5. CPS meals for students will continue, available for pickup outside public school main doors Mondays-Fridays from 9 am-1 pm. They provide a break for families at least for one meal a day.


Students, I think by now you are getting used to the e-classroom. It has been fun to be able to hop in your class from time-to-time and see how well you are learning. Please make sure you continue to come to class on time every day. Keep up the good work! 


While most of our time is spent indoors, I encourage families to take a walk together or play catch, to get some fresh air and sunshine. This will do wonders to lift up your mood and even help in strengthening your immunity with a healthy influx of oxygen. You can also spend quality time with your family by playing games or cooking together, things that we normally would not have time to do with our busy schedules!


In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho








1. 州長已經作出了「就地避難」的命令,此項規定將一直持續至4月7日,所有的教職和行政同工都將在家中辦公,以維持學校的運營。因此,我們無法在辦公室收取您每月繳納的學費。在學校恢復正常運營前,此期間煩請郵寄您的學費至 2301 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616。我們會每週收取一次。

2. 下週四、五兩天(3月26、27日)為老師教研日及家長會,學校不會安排線上學習。所有的會議將在線上通過 Hangouts Meet 舉行。請查詢您的電子郵件,並接受老師的會議邀請。


3. 若學校正常於4月14日復課,那麼 IOWA 標準化測試將按原計劃在4月20-24日進行。


4. 所有的學校活動仍將按照原定日期在線上舉行,例如科學展覽會。


5. 芝加哥公立學校會繼續為學生提供免費午餐,您可以在公立學校正門口領取,領取時間為週一至週五早9 時至下午1時。這期間您至少可以每日少準備一頓飯。








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