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A well-equipped facility with enough space to accommodate classrooms for infants, preschool to 8th grade would strengthen the school’s retention rates, particularly in the upper elementary grades. In addition, with the projected volume of student enrollment, the school will be financially self-sufficient at the beginning of the move.

With your partnership, we ask God to gather the needed funding to start constructing the new campus in 12 to 18 months and complete the construction in 2026. Let us take giant steps of faith and build for the glory of God! And watch how God shower blessings upon generations to come!

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PTCS Demographics by Elementary and Preschool

Expanding Influence

The new PTCS campus would have a wide-reaching impact beyond the immediate school family. The new campus could benefit the communities of Bridgeport, Armour Square, McKinley Park, Lower West Side, and beyond. PTCS could become a significant solution to the shortage of quality education and dual language education. 


In addition, the new school campus could facilitate summer programs, church services, Sunday school classes, youth clubs, adult ESL learning, and community programs during non-school hours. Thus establishing ourselves as a cornerstone of community life and further reaching Chicago’s young learners.

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